Helpful Info


Helpful Info

SpaceWolf is an independent fine art illustrator/printmaker.  Most of his work involves a laser engraver that start as his ink illustrations.  In 2020 he began moving away from Pop Culture work and  has been focusing more on painting and original works,  2021 should see an expansion on this. Once an edition sells out it will be gone for good and he destroys the original artwork so it is impossible to make more.  Don't worry though, he will be coming out with new engravings all the time.  Everything is made in house and all our supplies are sourced and manufactured in the US.  Everything that comes to you is 100% biodegradable except the stickers, but hopefully you won't be tossing that out. 


Shipping times can vary a bit.  Being that SpaceWolf is only one guy and these pieces take a long time to make then you can expect 2-3 weeks before a piece ships out.  Sometimes it is much faster and sometimes it can take an extra week or two if a new release is more popular than expected.  Paintings can take between 3-6 weeks because they take a huge amount of time, and rightly so, as it is never good to rush something like that.  All orders are sent out in the order that they are received.   Domestic orders get "2 day shipping" but international orders vary so much due to customs and the country they are going to.  You will always receive a tracking number once the piece(s) ship.  Any questions please feel free to email through the contact link or directly through

All military personnel, past and present, have a lifetime discount of 25% off everything.  Just shoot over an email with proof of service and you'll be sent a coupon code.  *Can't be combined with other discounts. 

Because so many of his pieces are wood he decided to replace each item sold by personally planting a tree in its place.  So every Spring he heads out into the wilderness and just starts planting like crazy.  If you are wondering why only Spring it is because the little tree saplings are only available at one specific time of the year.  We wish it could be more often but you know, Mother Nature...

Thank you so much for visiting us here!

P.S.  Each poster set is hand signed and numbered by SpaceWolf for that personal authenticity.  Wood grain is always varied for each piece.  Just like a fingerprint, no engraving will ever be the same.  Cherry trees have very distinct aspects but consist of a variety of shades, grain visibility and natural markings that show the tree's life.  Sometimes there are knots and sometimes there is sapwood with the heartwood.

Each piece is specifically selected because of these characteristics and are as much a part of the artwork as the engraving itself.

We have a 14 day return policy which begins once the item(s) has(ve) been received by you.  If you break or damage it after you've received we cannot do a return of the piece.  If it arrives damaged then of course we will totally take care of you.


SpaceWolf is not a print shop and thusly does not do custom work.  General problem with authority and folks telling him what to do.  That being said, if the subject material coincides and you're willing to trust his work then feel free to shoot over an email to discuss the project/piece.  Everything is paid up front and there are no changes to whatever he makes.