Ezekiel the Technomancer - Maple Variant

Image of Ezekiel the Technomancer - Maple Variant

Excerpt from included Biography:
Born frail and broken, Ezekiel only had their powerful mind. The torture of a body that was so limited and slowly expiring they sought to become more. Piece by piece they replaced the damaged pieces with enhanced mechanics. This techno evolution started small but grew until almost nothing of their former prison remained...

This limited Mini edition engraving has been laser etched on Maple Hardwood. Each one is carefully cut, sanded, and oiled by hand then put under a powerful laser in order to burn in this SpaceWolf original illustration. Afterwards, SW hand paints each one with acrylics.

Signed - Numbered - Branded
Maple Hardwood - Hand Painted
Mini: 5in x 7in x .75in
Edition of only 50