Mother of Avarice 12x18 Engraved Painting

Image of Mother of Avarice 12x18 Engraved Painting

"The Mother of Avarice" is the beginning of a new series titled "The Mothers". She embodies the sinister nature of teaching the young to worship at the altar of greed. Meant to be symbolic of Mary and Child, "The Mother of Avarice" nurtures a desire for wealth above all other things, especially at the expense of humankind and the world we inhabit together.

This limited edition engraving has been laser etched on Walnut hardwood. Each one is carefully cut, sanded, and oiled by hand then put under a powerful laser in order to burn in this SpaceWolf original illustration. SW then hand paints each one with acrylics.

Edition of Only 30
12x18x1 inches - Engraved and Painted on Walnut
Signed - Numbered - Branded

**Frame Not Included but will fit any standard 12x18 frame with 1" depth.