Selene the Rogue

Image of Selene the Rogue
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Excerpt from included Biography:
Growing up all alone in the old suburban slums of New Silicon City, Selene learned early to move fast and silent if she ever hoped to survive. No one gives but everyone takes. There is an old adage that says “sink or swim”. In the dark sprawls of concrete and steel, one must move fast and quiet just to keep their head above water...

This limited Mini edition engraving has been laser etched on Walnut Hardwood. Each one is carefully cut, sanded, and oiled by hand then put under a powerful laser in order to burn in this SpaceWolf original illustration. Afterwards, SW hand paints each one with acrylics.

Signed - Numbered - Branded
Walnut Hardwood - Hand Painted
Mini: 5in x 7in x 1in
Edition of only 20