"The Coveted Heart" Engraved Painting - Edition of 20

Image of "The Coveted Heart" Engraved Painting - Edition of 20
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You pick the Geisha's colors!

In the "Notes" section just let SpaceWolf know what colors you'd like. Keep in mind the sun stays red. Feel free to ask if you'd like color combo advice! This one does run a bit more than the previous two in the series due to the additional detail and time investment to paint each one by hand.

Umbrella/Accents/Armor - **
Robe- **
Skin - **

*If you forget then just shoot us an email with your order number and choices.

"The Coveted Heart" is a combination of an engraved print run and a painting. Each one is engraved on a wood species called Walnut and individually hand painted by SpaceWolf. Because of the time involved only 20 will be made in total.

Edition of Only 20
8.5x12x1.0 inches - Engraved on Walnut Hardwood
Signed - Numbered - Branded