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"DEVOUR" - As we continue to break each other down with divisive anger and unwillingness to understand one another we leave ourselves weakened to be devoured by Vultures and Crows who feed on us. You may be right in your views but you'll never convince anyone if you use insults and anger to convey your point. We absorb the propaganda and lies fed to us and generalize entire groups.
Our enemies are the ones who profit off the backs of the people. They weaken us so they can exploit labor, education (or lack there of) and the environment in order to maximize profits. Try to understand the ones you disagree with and find common ground.

Edition of only 17
Signed - Numbered - Branded
9in x 18in x .75in on American Walnut
Aged and Distressed (each piece is varied in its distinctness)

Please allow up to one week before shipping out.